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Nexters Limited is a Russian-based mobile game developer. Their game Island Experiment is a thrilling freemium that features a group of scientists who conducted illegal experiments on the territory of an uninhabited island. Researchers and island savages prepare new challenges for gamers as the island’s mysteries are revealed and players are rewarded.

“There are great incentive traffic sources in Yeahmobi, through which we got a good extension rate and a lot of valued users” – Anton Reinhold


Nexters wanted to find more traffic sources and increase brand awareness by getting rapid user installs and a high app store ranking. The company initially wanted to boost user numbers via incentivized traffic, and at the same time focus on tier one marketing areas such as US, United Kingdom and Australia.


Yeahmobi researched the game and their typical users. Yeahmobi’s Performance Marketing Solutions offered Nexter’s Island Experiment a boost campaign to get more users and a higher app chart ranking. We matched their offers with our incentivized traffic sources in tier one GEOs to get a high user volume in a short space of time.


During a 3 day boost campaign Yeahmobi helped Island Experiment acquire >20,000 users (installs) which contributed to getting the game into the iTunes top 10 downloads chart.

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