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MediaArts Secret Box Image

MobileArts is a software development company based in Lebanon which provides app development services. Their tool app Secret Box allows users to make sure that phone logs, SMS, pics and vids are kept private.

“Yeahmobi is a great network with really far-reaching sources and reliable quality. We have benefitted a lot and gotten a lot of valued users that we targeted.” – Jamil Gaith, CEO


MobileArts wanted to scale their user numbers for their app Secret Box, predominately in the Middle East. They wanted to find better ways to promote their tool app to users with a high life-time value. They met difficulties in using new systems to integrate better and help them scale business.


Yeahmobi’s Performance Solutions have a strong network in the Middle East. In order to offer sustained growth for the company, Yeahmobi optimized a mix of incentivized and non-incentivized offers aimed at high-quality users. The IT team also shared their years of experience, gave advice and provided technical support to help the MobileArts’ app integrate and grow.


Since working with us, Secret Box has seen a steady rise in user numbers.

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