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Quikr is India’s no.1 horizontal classifieds platform and a well-known success story in the e-commerce start-up space. In 2008, Quikr was started with the vision for people to meet online and transact offline in a simple, easy and convenient way.

“You [Yeahmobi] provide good publishers that we trust.” – Tripta Chauhan


Quickr were focused on increasing the volume of their mobile app users and ensuring high-quality branding strategies. They wanted to make sure their users were right for their app – so traffic sources needed to be chosen with precision.


Yeahmobi helped Quickr acquire users with Native Ads. Our ad formats allow for high-quality ad displays that give users a better experience and increased trust in the brand. The ads were also non-incentivized so targeted users showed more engagement with the app. Our platform allowed us to control the quality of ad displays for Quickr and ensure that they acquired the users they sought.


Yeahmobi delivered over 8,000 app installs daily with high user retention and action metrics from non-incentivized offers.

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