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Solo Launcher Banner

NewBorn Town’s Solo Launcher is the developer’s flagship app. NewBorn Town are a Chinese-based app developer that focus on personalization and productivity apps. Solo Launcher is a free-to-download launcher app that allows users to personalize their device’s UI, speed up performance and fix Android issues. The app already has over 50 million users.


Solo Launcher is a free-to-download app, so the developer wanted to find ways to monetize their huge traffic with advertising. As the app is also focused on giving users a better experience and boosting the speed of users’ devices, any ad solution that they would integrate would have to be focused on speed and user convenience.


Solo Launcher used Yeahmobi’s Icon Ads and Ad Walls provided by the Native Ads monetization solution. Icon Ads allowed Solo Launcher to display new apps on their UI in the same style as the app’s own themes – making the ads seem like a natural part of the app. The Ad Walls also allowed Solo Launcher’s users to discover new apps tailored to them. API integration kept the app package size light and small, so ad displays are as rapid as the app’s own system and suited to the users’ unique personalities.


Clicks on Yeahmobi’s Native Ads were a staggering 150,000 per day (ave.). Yeahmobi Native Ads delivered high-value eCPMs and provided a strong and consistent source of revenue for the Solo Launcher.

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