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Emoji Keyboard by Crazy Studio is a keyboard with beautiful themes which supports emoji input on all major platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The tool app offers a KitKat keyboard UI, and makes inputting emoji extra convenient. They also offer a paid version of the tool which offers extra themes.

“With Yeahmobi’s cooperation, we haven’t only raised our revenue, we’ve also been able to better focus on our product, and ultimately our users” – Hou Huihua, Lead Developer, Crazy Studio


Emoji Keyboard not only has a high user retention rate, but also a very high usage rate. The developer team wanted to find a way to monetize the app, but being a highly-functional product, doing so presented unique challenges. As the app performs a very important function on mobile devices, input, it was essential to user retention that advertising on the app wouldn’t interrupt the UX.


Emoji Keyboard integrated with Yeahmobi’s Native Ads API, allowing the developers to create space in the app for an Icon Ad which links to an Ad Wall that provides app discovery. The Icon Ad was slotted into the app’s settings tab where users could access it when updating the app or adjusting it, so it wouldn’t interfere with the main functions of the app.


The ads displayed though Emoji Keyboard achieved 2,000 daily conversions (ave.) at a CR of 10%. The results show that not only were the ads able to increase the app’s revenue, but also provide desirable content to users and maintain Emoji’s high rate of user retention and daily usage.

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