Ad Formats

Integrated Native Advertising
Our native ad formats are easy-to-integrate and link you to a vast store of ads, ideally suited to your app's style:


Icon Ads 

Place ads on device desktops or your app's homescreen as icons. Clicking on them brings users to the download or landing page, boosting conversions.

Ad Walls

Let your users explore and discover ads and offers in your app via a scrolling wall.


Display HTML5 rich media ads to your users when they pause or load content. Give your users something to entertain them while they wait.



Capture user attention by playing video clips during pauses and loading screens. Video clips are convenient and skip-able after 5 seconds.


Show users ads as they scroll through feeds in your app.


Location-based service (LBS): Our native ads can use LBS to select the right ad for your users at the right time - using real-time and location matching technology.

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