Flaregames sets its sights on solving China's publishing problems with Yeahmobi partnership

Flaregames Sets Its Sights on Solving China’s Publishing Problems with Yeahmobi Partnership-

Performance-based mobile marketing platform Yeahmobi has recently signed a big new partnership with German publisher Flaregames. Together, the two will strive to help developers get their games released in China.

Flaregames has just gone through a rebranding after launching the Flare Accelerator, a $21 million incubator aimed at helping developers validate their games and bring them to market. The company has had big success on a number of games, including Nonstop Knight, which won its biggest chunk of revenue in China. All the successful publishing has led to the company picking up the Best Publisher Accolade at the first Mobile Games Awards.

Now, Flaregames sets its sights on becoming truly global and wish to crack the Chinese market and bring more excellent games to Chinese audiences. Therefore, it has initiate a long-term partnership with Yeahmobi, to leverage Yeahmobi’s marketing strength and China local expertise to facilitate its publishing in the big market.

Yeahmobi’s China Publishing Director Everett Wallace said, “the solution Yeahmobi and Flaregames are creating is a collaboration, built with the foundation DNA of both Western and Eastern thinking and knowledge. The strengths of each company match quite well: Flaregames has built widespread industry respect with a consistent roster of phenomenal games, a sophisticated internal machine at each stage, and a great approach to partnerships.

“Combine that with Yeahmobi’s reach and marketing capacity in China, the leverage of our recent $100 million raise and partnership with Alibaba’s gaming arm, and our global infrastructure and mindset, and you have an unprecedented partnership to tackle the cultural and logistical challenges of this market.”

The challenges facing developers trying to break into China are numerous. Flaregames marketing VP Mickael Bougis says the five biggest hurdles he sees are distribution, regulation, access to media, the ability to adapt to local users and securing a fair deal. “We’ve heard some crazy
stories from developers about how they’ve got screwed and didn’t get a single dime when
releasing their game in China.”

To help create a more simple process for publishing in China, as well as harnessing their own expertise, Flaregames and Yeahmobi are looking to speak with developers who have had experience – good or bad – of releasing a game in the country, to get a wider look at the challenges and opportunities.

The two companies are also preparing to launch a brand new title in China as early as June 2018 to get a close-up look at the publishing experience and the running of a live game. Both firms hope to gain better first-hand knowledge of the entire China publishing process from start to “finish”. From this, they aim to finetune the services they offer others. Bougis explained, “Put short, we’re crafting a publishing solution that will solve the following problems.”

“Preparation: This is key and I would say the number one reason why developers experience disappointment in China. By engaging in the market early on and speaking the developers‘ language, we increase our chances of a more sizeable commercial impact when new games are released.

“Next, distribution and regulation: We can deal with this early enough to execute on a same-day global release in order to maximize impact. “Then, scaling: Yeahmobi’s team is one of the best when it comes to scaling a game with profitable user acquisition in China.”

In addition, Wallace adds, “We are also resolved to change the standards of how a ‘China partner’ acts – focusing on constant clear communication and setting a very high bar of transparency.

“Above all – what’s most important is Flaregames and Yeahmobi are mutually committed to creatively building a long-term solution, one that will inevitably evolve, but starts with a strong foundation.”