Crucial Marketing Elements in Journey to China

Crucial Marketing Elements in Journey to China- 1

According to predictions issued by market research firms, 2019 will be another good year for mobile Internet industry. AppsFlyer predicted that global app installation ad spending would rise 70%, and reach $64.1 billion by 2020. The most lucrative region will be Asia Pacific, where China and India will lead the growth in the coming years. It is the area app developers and marketers may want to put extra efforts in.

No doubt, Chinese users will make the record of most downloads and the highest spending on app and related products in the near future. Growth in the region has long been prominent, but recently, Chinese mobile app spending grown exponentially. AppAnne predicted by 2022, app installation in China would reach 120 billion, and the users would spend a staggering $62.4 billion.

However, along with high profits comes the unique and complicated market environment in China, closed ecosystem, hundreds of Android stores, a few mammoth publishing companies, to name a few. It takes well business, culture, and social preparation to enter this market. For gaming app, authorization as well.

In PocketGamer Connects London, Yeahmobi Head of EU, Kenneth Liu explained three crucial marketing elements foreign app developers and publishers need to pay close attention to: search, social and influencer marketing.

As Google pulled out of China, the most used search engine in China is Baidu. Baidu app has a DAU of 160 million. That combines with web users, the reach is considerable. Apart from search, Baidu has content publishing service, like Baidu Zhidao(a Quora like question-and-answer platform), Wenku (document sharing platform), Baike (Wikipedia like online encyclopedia).

As search result on Baidu prioritizes content from the platform it owns, marketers may need to adopt Search Content Optimization (SCO). To get more relevant research results, add introduction in Baike, tips and recommendations in Zhidao, or conduct content marketing in Tieba or Zhidao is highly recommended.

While relevant research result triggers users’ interest on the game or app, social media will help them get familiar with intricate gameplay of certain game, associate users with games, and encourage interaction between user and product.

None of the social media big names is allowed in China, social media influence in China concentrates on Tencent, ByteDance, Alibaba, Baidu and their products. Tencent’s WeChat embraces a DAU of 1.05 billion, with each user spend an average 90 minutes a day on the app, average age ranges from 15 to 40, and over 20 million verified official accounts. It is not exaggeration to put large chunk of marketing budget on WeChat.

In China, influencer marketing prevails on different social platforms. Different influencers has distinctive characteristics which match with certain platform and its user group, to help deepen brand reach. For example, WeChat gives stage to opinion leaders, Taobao recommend influencers who prompt sales, while TikTok influencers make people laugh and invite them to emulate their dance moves or joke telling.

From brand ambassador angle, in China, stars still has high sales-inducing influence. The particular ambassador chosen by brand may have a great impact on the brand image. Brands should first conduct thorough research on the intricacy of influencer marketing in this market.

In all, to seize the fast growing market, brand has to consider an inclusive and comprehensive marketing approach, to take advantage of strengths of each platform, deploy them at different marketing stage, and ultimately serve brand’s marketing objectives.

To help developers and publishers to cope with complex market environment, Yeahmobi provides one-stop localization service. In Japan, Yeahmobi offers tailor-making marketing service helping clients build a marketing campaign from scratch. Driven by bid data analysis and AI-powered algorithm, equipped with professional local team and familiarity and connection with local big players, Yeahmobi matches clients’ needs with resources in targeting market, meet core demand and solve difficult problems, eventually realize clients’ marketing quest.

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