How to create a rewarding rewarded video

Mobile marketers should be very familiar with rewarded video ad by now as it prevails in marketing campaigns for almost all kinds of products. It is a form of ad that create all-win situation for all parties involved, developers who add rewarded video ad slot could retain users for longer time and monetize, users who watch them get rewards, and brands who own the campaign win better engagement. The rewarded video offers players an additional channel to obtain resources in game, without intruding their game play, it is the least rejected ad format.

In order to really make an impact on users when they watch rewarded video, marketers should care about how to tell a good story through the format. So what are the primary aspect of a good rewarded video campaign?

1. Rewarding

It has to offer something in return in order to make people click! A common scenario is to open a route in mobile games, and encourage people watch ad in exchange for diamonds, coins or whatever valuable in game play. It blends in the gaming, and won’t affect game, which makes such video ad the most commonly used in video marketing campaign.

Similarly, rewarded video could also be deployed to resume games. When mobile game players are asked to watch a video to resume a game, there is a good chance that the player accepts and watches video ad. In order to have good response, rewarded video ads should be set at the right scene and a good timing.

2. User experience

When people are in good mood, brand message could convey easily. Rewarded video intends to create such a good relationship with users. To do so, marketers are suggested to personalize marketing campaigns. The most relevant message will speak directly to users, and generate good results for the campaign.

For instance, Yeahmobi’s Cloudmobi SDK team uses user profiling techniques to recognize each users and continuously optimize campaigns based on profiling. Game players who often spend long time on mobile games would likely watch video ad to resume game, and sometimes download to win rewards in game. The willingness is high and they prone to look for rewarded video opportunities in games.

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