Yeahmobi Helps TextNow Scale Up Quality Users

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Yeahmobi Helps TextNow Scale Up Quality Users

The Challenge

The TextNow App gives users their own dedicated phone number and provides unlimited text and picture messaging, free calls to USA and Canada, low-cost international calling and more. With more than 60 millions users, TextNow has made it easy for them to connect with friends and family wherever they are.

TextNow came to Yeahmobi looking to grow their user base on Android in the US. TextNow required a user acquisition partner that can deliver scalable quality traffic while keeping user retention high.


The Solution

Aiming to increase installs from quality users with higher LTV, Yeahmobi worked closely with TextNow to understand its core audience and develop user acquisition strategy. Key elements include:
1. Identify key targeting segments
Combine historical data, user characteristics and other insights to identify the high-quality audience that is most likely to install, register account and regularly use the TextNow app

2. Match publishers with the ideal user profile
Leverage direct relationships across its publisher network, employing only premium direct SDK traffic to promote the app

3. Maximize campaign performance
A data-driven approach that extensively tested the variations of ads and focused on optimizing creatives and ad placements


The Result

After an initial exploration phase, Yeahmobi quickly delivered positive results out outperforming KPIs for TextNow. In the 18 months working with YeahMobi, TextNow has been able to acquire over one million new customers at a positive ROI on their platform.

“We’ve worked with Yeahmobi for more than 1 year and it has been a great experience. It is important for our growth to work with an advertising partner like Yeahmobi that can deliver both scale and quality. ”

– Tyler Cooper, Head of User Acquisition, TextNow, Inc.


About TextNow

With over 100 million downloads and counting, consumers are flocking to TextNow. As a software-first company, TextNow provides communication solutions to make people's lives easier. Users can download the app and seamlessly stay connected across all devices through our cloud-based technology.

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