Tips on Marketing in Holiday Shopping Season

For cross-border ecommerce business, biggest shopping season is coming, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas right behind. Statista said, in 2017, online sales at Thanksgiving and Black Friday combined reached $7.9 billion, growing 17.9% from the last year. The growth is expected to continue in 2018.

To help seize the biggest sales opportunity of the year, Yeahmobi here offers a few tips on marketing strategies of your ecommerce sites.

1. Well-made creatives help you stand out.
While every ecommerce sellers counting on the shopping season for sales, sellers should first think about how to make your products stand out among vast amount of sales information. The first step is to use well-made creatives to let people find you, draw their attention to discounted price, and trigger their purchase decisions. An effective sales message should be able to let customers easily spot your products and appreciate the information you convey.

Yeahmobi’s in-house media buy and creative team collaborate to provide holiday marketing solutions, including marketing campaign launch, campaign strategy planning, promotion planning, etc. Yeahmobi media buy team obtains traffic from large traffic resources, like Google, VK, Facebook, Snapchat as well as local media to make sure campaign being presented to the right audience. Yeahmobi’s proprietary launching tool YeahTargeter could automatically generate creatives and video ad to support ecommerce seller’s campaign needs, enlarge life time value of each customer, and make sure seller get the maximized ROI.

SEO should weight in at this stage. Google introduced a Black Friday promotion ad format, when people search for related key words like “black Friday deals”, the special promotion format will display at the top of the search results. The extension is an experiment to help increase exposure for holiday sales. Ecommerce dealers could make good use of such features in standing on top of the customer shopping list.

2. Email marketing
In many countries, email marketing generates significant results. Before the sales begin, business could call on customers to subscribe in order to receive exclusive offers. The possibility of enjoying extra low discount will probably intrigue customers and let them to favor your brand and products before other promotion gets to them.

In the actual email, message should be explicit and easy to comprehend. The email acts as a route to lead people to your site or your products, instead of introducing extra features of your product. Therefore it is important you keep product information mysterious, and let the curiosity drives audiences to click through.

3. Video ad
Clearly, video ad works much better than traditional creatives. It introduces products in an intuitional way, relates to customers and connects them with the products. A compact representation, fine background tune, and bright colors are key ingredients of a splendid ecommerce video ad. In making video ad for clients, Yeahmobi considers not only the content shown in video, but also targeting customers, and decide color, tune, and presentation which works best for the specific targeting groups.

Yeahmobi ecommerce team has served over 90% of Chinese top cross-border ecommerce clients. The team features one stop service system ranging from setting up cross-border ecommerce website to vertical branding and performance marketing, helping cross-border ecommerce businesses reach maximum ROI.

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