Yeahmobi Launches New AI-powered Intelligent Anti-fraud System, Yeah-Anti Fraud

Yeahmobi launches new AI-powered intelligent anti-fraud system, Yeah-Anti Fraud- 1

It’s the mobile era, and mobile internet usage works its way to our daily life. Mobile marketing budget soared over the years. However, fake ad view traverses the Internet to siphon money from ad spending. Over the time, fraud schemes become more sophisticate and difficult to detect. To help tackle the problem, Yeahmobi introduces AI-powered intelligent anti-fraud system, Yeah-Anti Fraud.

The proprietary Yeah-Anti Fraud platform solve the problem of fraud by integrating ad traffic inspection, real-time install monitoring and user behavior analysis functions. The platform safeguards ad campaign quality, spots fraudulent traffic in no time, and optimizes traffic resources to improve campaign results while cutting time and human resource cost for advertisers.

The core of Yeah-Anti Fraud platform lies on proactive optimization and automated anti-fraud operation. The system automatically predicts anomaly based on known suspicious resources, and inspects real-time ad buying environment and attribution process based on 20+ detection metrics, preventing fraud throughout the entire campaign.

Intelligently detect fraud traffic
At present, multiple agencies crowd in ad campaign launching process. Lack of transparency in this multi-layered structure leaves a grey area where fraudulent activity hides itself among vast volume of seemingly righteous ad campaigns.

There are two main sources of fraudulent traffic, traffic deriving from nonhuman and human actors. Nonhuman traffic comes from fake ad view through bots, tampered DNS/IP of website, web crawler, etc. The purpose is to mimic human browsing behavior and generate abundant view history, clicks or impressions. Human actor fraud involves hiring large group of people to purposefully click on display ads, download app, visiting website, etc.

To detect fraudulent activity, an effective system gathers traffic data, behavioral data and conversion data to realize complete process tracking and analysis. Only with comprehensive information, could an anti-fraud system spot the trace of ad fraud. One segment of fraud traffic is insufficient to prove fraudulent practice.

Yeah-Anti Fraud profiles users with advanced data capture technology, monitoring user click-install data and user in-app behavior, to intelligently detect abnormal activities.

Automated warning system
Yeah-Anti Fraud enables real-time, all-dimensional warning, and AI-powered anomaly correction system. Though spoofing technology evolves, user behavior is relatively stable. By identifying anomaly on behavioral data, the system could successfully point out fraud. For instance, when fraudsters purposefully click on ad placement, clusters of clicks happen in a short time period, and often in a fixed location. Yeah-Anti Fraud system captures the abnormal data, and detect advertising fraud effectively. The principle works in the constantly changing fraud practice.

To be able to achieve precise detection, the system captures not only wide variety of behavioral data, but also in-depth data penetrating all segments of ad campaign, from impression to action. In the meantime, the system accumulated normal ad campaign patterns for future reference. Malicious behavioral data is excluded from algorithm, such as CTR estimate, creatives selection, CVR estimate, etc., to avoid influence on good algorithm. The algorithm in turn ensures that online module receives authentic data, real campaign results and accurate ad delivery.

Business Intelligence statistics analysis
Business Intelligence (BI) is an overall data solution which smartly sorts out data, and delivers accurate report to assist decision making. Good BI helps enterprise see through the potential benefits and hazards to make the right business operation decision. BI analysis uses algorithm and programming techniques to digitalize business actions, then analyze and manage them. Using BI, enterprises could reduce the occurrence of faulty decision, and potential loss, and instead make operation intelligent and straight-forward.

Yeah-Anti Fraud platform generates visualized report, including accurate campaign launching statistics. Advertisers could refer to the statistics and inspect any wrong doing, and use the BI report in future ad campaign planning.

Core Technique
Yeah-Anti Fraud integrates cutting edge technologies, such as big data analysis, in-depth machine learning, AI smart model, traffic performance database, and blacklist of malicious resources, thoroughly protecting marketing campaigns from fraudulent practice. The core technique combined tackle the problem of ad fraud, provide professional data report, thus save time and cost for advertisers.

By using Yeah-Anti Fraud, advertisers no longer need an in-house quality inspection team. The system proactively inspect authenticity of campaign data and result, providing detailed report to clients. For ecommerce advertisers, Yeah-Anti Fraud could help prevent extensive fraud attack that often happens in early stage of app marketing, filter fake installation, sales abuse and fraudulent purchase within app. For financial entities, the platform could be used to tackle false application, malicious transaction, account infringement, embezzlement, etc.

Yeah-Anti Fraud not only detects existed fraud practices, but also constantly reacts to suspicious traffic to gain better awareness on ever-changing fraud situations. It is the ultimate protection for marketing campaign and safeguards ad delivery process. Purifying mobile marketing environment has always been our calling!

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