Yeahmobi Wins Two Google Premier Partner Awards

The 2018 Premier Partner Awards announced the winners recently. Yeahmobi won two awards, Google Premier Partner Award for Mobile Innovation and Growing Business on B2C Sectors, and was nominated for Video Innovation Award. It is the fourth year in a row, Yeahmobi was recognized for its innovation and capability to deliver effective digital marketing solutions for clients.

Google Premier Partner Awards celebrates Google partners that stand out in digital marketing and innovation in the field. It is a recognition Yeahmobi very proud of. It proves quality of our service in mobile marketing industry, our innovation capability and overall strength of our brand.

Since the very beginning, Yeahmobi strives to build a mobile marketing platform that will flatten the world with mobile technology, and help Chinese and world’s mobile products, games, ecommerce platforms reach an even bigger market. Through big data, AI and other advanced technologies, Yeahmobi constantly upgrades its products and processing capability. It also provides customized vertical solutions for mobile gaming and ecommerce clients, where dedicated efforts make even better results.

Yeahmobi Team at award ceremony

In mobile app sector, Yeahmobi helped different types of mobile apps acquire high-quality users. With years of experience in mobile marketing, Yeahmobi knows customer’s need and their pain point, so it accumulates tactics to tackle numerous campaign problems and really work on performance. Miracle Nikki is an outstanding case Yeahmobi has been working on. Yeahmobi’s marketing campaign assisted its big success in Japan, daily new users reached 5000+ on peak days.

In ecommerce sector, Yeahmobi has provided services for over 300 top platforms covering 22 industries. With in-house media buy team, Yeahmobi is able to launch campaigns on top platforms. In local market, KOL and local media are added to marketing channels. Yeahmobi’s proprietary retargeting platform YeahTargeter enables intelligent user behavior tracking. The resources add up to provide the most effective marketing efforts and maximize ROI for clients.

Yeahmobi’s award-winning tech is to ensure performance marketing, and generate good results for all clients. So hereby, Yeahmobi wish to express our thanks to the Google Premier Partner Awards project for the honor, and to all our customers for your trust and help on achieving these awards!

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