____ Yeah-Mobi Style Guide ____

Base colors Pallets

$white : #fff;
$black: #0000;
$turquoise-blue: #00acc8;
$deep-sea-blue: #00567d;
$water-blue: #0d9ddb;
$orangey-yellow: #feb819;
$greyish-brown: #414141;
$warm-grey: #737373;
$greyish: #aaaaaa;
$pinkish-grey: #c8c8c8;
$cool-grey: #e6e6e6;
$pale-grey: #f1f5f7;
$tealish: #3fcec4;
$manatee: #939598;


Font families


@extend .extend_ff_aktiv;


@extend .extend_ff_poppins;

Font Weights

$aktiv-light: 300; $aktiv-regular: 400; $aktiv-medium: 500; $aktiv-bold: 700;
$poppins-light: 300; $poppins-regular: 400; $poppins-medium: 500; $poppins-bold: 700;


Body / Paragaraphs

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Heading 1

    Selectors :: .H1Left-Dark

Heading 2

    Selectors :: .H2Left-Dark

Heading 3

    Selectors :: .H3Left-Dark

Heading 4

    Selectors :: .H4Left-Dark


    Selectors :: .H5Left-Dark

List Style Type

Selector:: .list-item-correct
  • Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper
  • Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper

____Buttons and Button type Links____

Selectors :: .banner-pink-button

____Form Elements____

Input/ Select/ Textarea fields

Form field's validation states

Selectors :: .mage-error

Selectors :: .valid

Form field's Disabled state

Selectors :: .disabled
Html Attribute disabled="true" / disabled

Form Checkbox & Radio Button